IRG/WP 2113

Special seminar on screening techniques for potential wood preservative chemicals

1978 - Anonymous

This paper continues following issues: I. SCREENING INSECTICIDES 1) R W Berry (BRE/PRL, UK): Screen testing of insecticides for use in remedial wood preservatives. 2) D J Cross (FRI, New Zealand): Rapid screening of contact insecticides for use on forest products. 3) C R Coggins; A Forsyth; A E Glaser (Rentokil, UK): Experience in the use of indicative screening techniques for termiticides. 4) B A Richardson (Penarth Research Centre, UK): Simplified termite tests for wood preservative development work. II. SCREENING FUNGICIDES 5) J A Butcher (FRI, New Zealand): Preliminary screening procedures for assessing fungicidal and insecticidal activity of potential wood preservatives. 6) H Berg-Madsen (Cheminova, Denmark): Screens for novel chemical structures as wood protective fungicides. 7) C R Coggins; I Milne (Rentokil, UK): Industrial experience in the use of filter paper screening techniques for fungicides. 8) A F Bravery (BRE/PRL, UK): A miniaturised wood-block test for the rapid evaluation of wood preservative fungicides. 9) B A Richardson (Penarth Research Centre, UK). Simplified Basidiomycete tests for wood preservative development work. 10) H P Sutter (Acima, Switzerland): A new technique for screening fungicides for wood preservatives. 11) J D Thornton; H Greaves (CSIRO, Australia): Current techniques for screening initial formulations against Basidiomycetes and soft rot. 12) H Greaves (CSIRO, Australia): Preliminary screening of diffusion formulation for the control of soft rot. 13) M A Hulme (Eastern Forest Products Lab, Canada): Deterioration in outdoor chip piles - screening tests for treatments that reduce fibre loss. 14) A J Cserjesi (Western Forest Products Lab, Canada): Principles in the development of laboratory screening tests for the evaluation of sapstain and mould preventives. 15) M A Hulme (Eastern Forest Products Lab, Canada): Screening tests for preventives of fungal sap-stain in Pinus strobus L.


Conference: 78-09-18/22 Peebles, Scotland, UK

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