International Research Group on Wood Protection

OUR Purpose

To provide a forum for communication of the science and technology associated with wood protection.

Welcome to the website of the International Research Group on Wood Protection, commonly known as the IRG.

The IRG membership is a structured group of like-minded scientists and technologists focused on generating knowledge of the science of wood deterioration, and novel solutions to provide sustainably and environmentally responsible products for the protection of wood-based materials.

The primary function of the IRG is to provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information in an informal atmosphere, unencumbered by refereeing of papers or other pre-conditions. The primary vehicle is the annual meeting usually held in May of each year with global locations chosen as providing optimal opportunities for interactions between attendees and in settings that are both interesting and economically viable for our diverse attendance from around the world.

Each year 100 to 190 papers are presented and published, with all papers being available free to members and sponsors in electronic format through our searchable database. Since our inception in 1969 nearly 5,000 IRG papers have been published and all are available online or through the IRG Compendium. Non-members of the IRG are able to search the online database and purchase any paper for download through the website.

Membership and sponsorship is open to all interested persons and organizations.The executive direction of the activities of the IRG is carried out through a number of committees made up of members and sponsors representatives. The IRG Secretariat is based in Stockholm, Sweden.



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The IRG annual scientific conference in Bled, Slovenia, June 7-11 2020, will not take place as a physical meeting due to the COVID-19 situation worldwide. Instead the conference will be replaced with a webinar on June 10th and 11th. This will give us the chance to maintain some of our activity and offer a possibility for scientific communication, digital networking and cooperation.
At the IRG51 webinar selected papers will be presented and all members will be invited to participate in the webinar at no additional cost. Presentations will be made available to those who are not able to join in live. Further details will be worked out in the coming weeks.
Below you will find information about options for submitted papers, special sessions, registration fees and more. Please read the information carefully and be aware of the deadlines.
Hopefully many of us will meet in a digital setting in June – this will give us an opportunity to try out a new platform for the IRG-WP community that can become a supplement to our annual scientific conferences.

Submitted papers
The Scientific Programme Committee (SPC) are offering these options when it comes to submitted papers:

  1. Make a presentation to IRG members during a special webinar – SPC decides who will be invited. RCA recipient will be given priority.
  2. Leave the paper as part of the 2020 IRG Proceedings and do not present it.
  3. Present the paper at IRG52 in Japan in 2021
  4. Withdraw the paper from IRG

Please let the IRG Secretariat ( know which option you chose before April 15th.

The SPC will put together a webinar program based on those who wish to participate. Depending on demand, it may not be possible to include all papers as part of this webinar.

We extend the submission date for papers to April 15th (same as posters).

Special sessions
The special sessions on surface treatments and marine applications will be postponed to IRG52 in 2021. Options regarding submitted papers stated above do also apply to papers intended for the two special sessions.

Poster papers and posters (digital version) will be a part of the IRG Proceeding. You may also present the poster at IRG52 or withdraw the paper from IRG. Deadline for posters is April 15th.

Ron Cockcroft Award recipients who were to present their work in Bled, Slovenia, will be given the opportunity to attend the IRG52 in Japan in 2021. They may also participate in the special webinar if they chose. All RCA recipients will be contacted by the chair of SPC, Rod Stirling ( and Secretary General, Mats Westin ( regarding the details.

Registration fees
If you have paid the registration fee for the conference – you have two options: 1) transfer it to next year to cover the registration fee for the conference in 2021 or 2) get it refunded.
Please let the IRG Secretariat ( know which option you chose within June 15th 2020.

Companions program
If you have booked any of the companion program tours you must contact the travel agency ( and individually cancel your booking.



IRG President Lone Ross Gobakken and Vice-President Rod Stirling
Become a Member or IRG Sponsor

IRG is open to any person with an interest in research and development relating to wood protection or to the technology and practice of wood protection. Sponsorships are welcome from any organisation or industry active and interested in wood protection research and wishing to support the IRG financially.



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