Frank Noetzel

I was born in Hamburg, Germany, on August 16th 1963. I grew up in the north of the city, a part of the town called “Bergstedt”. My parents lived in Hamburg since the Second World War, as my mother was forced to leave from today’s Poland area during the end of the war.


In Bergstedt I went to primary and secondary school, making Germany’s final school examination “Abitur” in June 1983.  My first aim was not to study, and to be honest, my final certificate at the end of school was not phenomenal…So I decided to complete the military service first, which was mandatory in Germany for 15 months at that time during the Cold War.  It was the first time that I had to leave my home town for a long period. I worked there as a medic and during that time had to practice in a civil hospital for 6 weeks, which changed me as a young man.

After those 15 months I was still not ready to start to study, therefore I began an apprenticeship as an “Electrician and Sales Assistant (IT / accounting)”, which was originally planned as management backup for middle-sized craftsmen operations. Therefore since that time I’m able to call myself a “Geselle”, which is a German degree as a travelling journeymen / craftsmen. I worked on many construction sites during 1985 – 1987 and I decided that such a life wouldn’t make me happy. Therefore I finally decided to study “Business Administration and Engineering” on top in Hamburg, a co-operation of the University Hamburg and the Technical University Hamburg-Harburg.

Family and Career

But one other incident changed my life on October 9 1986 more than any other event - I met my wife Vera!  In the time of my apprenticeship I had to go to the train leaving for school. Vera worked close to my flat, so we met in certain periods on the street every day. One day we decided to talk to each other and we exchanged small papers with telephone numbers. No mobiles or Facebook etc.! We fell in love immediately and got married in November 1992 during the time of my studies.

At the beginning of 1995 I finished my studies and got a job at the German Rockwool Mineralwoll GmbH, starting my marketing / sales career as Product Manager and later Key Account Manager.  We had to move for this job from Hamburg to the middle of Germany, a town called Gladbeck (north of the “Ruhrgebiet” area).  During that time our daughter Nadia was born in July 1995 (while we were still in Hamburg).  Our son Tom followed 2.5 years later in January 1998. He was born in Gladbeck. 

At that time it became obvious that we were missing Hamburg and the families very much. Therefore I decided to look for a job in Hamburg. I succeeded, beginning during the year 2000, at a chemical distribution company called Krahn Chemie GmbH starting as Sales Manager in the coatings department, later making my way up to Director of Sales for three segments within the business.

Due to a rapid management change at Krahn I had to look for a new job and found a position at Penta Chemikalien GmbH, Aschaffenburg, in the south of Germany. In a marked difference to Krahn, at Penta I dealt with solvent commodities, again for various applications including coatings.
During those 2 years at Penta my family stayed in Hamburg. Hence, it was clear to me to look again for a new challenge in Hamburg. I was happy to start at the beginning of August in 2011 with Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH as Sales Manager, mainly for applications of Copper Carbonate and related chemistries in the Wood Preservatives sector. I have gone through many very interesting years, also getting to know the IRG very well and am pleased that Spiess-Urania is an active sponsor of the IRG. My first attendance at IRG was back in 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


When I’m not selling Copper Carbonate or Copper Hydroxide to my customers I play and practice the guitar as often as I can.  For the last four years I have done this also in a band called THE MARTINS. We do cover and own songs (Rock / Pop). Besides this I’m also able to build and repair computers, so I’m the IT department of the family.

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