IRG Fees, as of 2022



Membership Fees - Annual

If paying by Bank Transfer the membership fees are:

Regular member 1200 SEK
Student member 600 SEK
Corporate member 9000 SEK


If paying by Credit or Debit card the membership fees are:

Regular member 1000 SEK
Student member 500 SEK
Corporate member 8500 SEK



IRG53 Conference Registration fees



Regular member 5200 SEK
Student member 1500 SEK
Corporate member per person 5200 SEK
RCA Recipient 2022 0 SEK



Student 2500 SEK
Other 8400 SEK



Person 15 years & older 1700 SEK
Person less than 15 years 0 SEK



Late registration fee

After May 1, 2022 1500 SEK



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Information on the IRG53 meeting to be held in Beld, Slovenia commencing on May 29, 2022 is available at this link and will be updated continually as further information comes to hand.