Field Ground Contact Post Test Method


Wood stakes are impregnated with an appropriate series of retentions of preservative or other protectant, and then handled, prior to exposure in the field, according to specified procedures.

The treated stakes are exposed in the ground to the action of wood-destroying fungi and/or termites in field plots. An index of condition determined from grades assigned to the stakes for degree of decay and termite attack, in the course of periodic inspections, is used to express results periodically and at the termination of the test. A depletion study may be performed for each active preservative component and retention in order to measure the permanence of the preservative.

Around the world there are a number of different Standards used for field stake tests. Two of the most well recognized are the AWPA Standard E7 test and the European EN252 method. The AWPA procedure basically encompasses a range of different stake sizes - including the EN252 25x50x500mm size specification - and mandates testing in different geographic locations. The AWPA Standard E7 is available from the AWPA while the EU method is available from xxxxx

Such ground contact stake tests are carried out at a wide variety of test site locations around the world.

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