Effect of Nano-Wollastonite on Water Absorption in Particleboard

IRG/WP 14-40662

S Karimi, H Reza Taghiyari, A Karimi, P M Tahir, J Abdul Halip

Effects of wollastonite nanofibers on physical properties of particleboard were studied. Nano-wollastonite (NW) was applied at 5, 10, 15, and 20 g/kg, based on the dry weight of wood-chips, and compared with control specimens. Two application methods of NW were used: surface application (SA), and internal application (IA). Density was kept constant at 0.68 g/cm3 for all treatments. Tests were carried out in accordance with ASTM D-1037 specifications. The size range of wollastonite nanofibers was 30–110 nm. The obtained results showed that NW contributed in making bonds between the wood-chips and had improving effects on physical properties, both when applied internally or superficially. Wollastonite nanofibers significantly decreased water absorption and thickness swelling, both when applied internally and superficially. The lowest water absorption was observed when 10% and 15% of nano-wollastonite was used superficially. Also, the lowest thickness swelling was seen in SA-NW10%. Internal application of wollastonite had less decreasing impact on water absorption and thickness swelling than that of the surface application. The lowest water absorption and thickness swelling in internal application were seen in NW-15% and NW-10%.

Keywords: particleboard, nano-wollastonite, water absorption

Conference: 14-05-11/15 St George, Utah, USA

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