Copolymers of tannin extracts as wood protection agents

IRG/WP 17-30709

G Tondi, L Sommerauer, A Oberle, A Petutschnigg, M-F Thevenon

Wouldn´t be a dream to preserve wood with the substances which the nature already synthesizes for protecting itself? The idea we would like to pursue is simple: Increase the concentration of these substances, the tannins, trying to fix them properly in wood. It appears easy but it is not. Sensibility against leaching, fungal decay and weathering were observed. In this paper new flavonoid co-polymers were studied for their leaching resistance and their biocidal activity once fixed in wood. These formulations added of low amount of biocides have demonstrated to be: i) hardening- (time & temperature) dependent in terms of water resistance and ii) requiring small amount of biocide (Boron and/or copper) for resisting the attack of white-rot Coriolus versicolor fungi. Interesting perspectives for natural preservatives are opened again.

Keywords: ondensed tannin, timber preservation, leachability, environmentally-friendly, water resistance, maleic anhydride, furfural

Conference: 17-06-04/08 Ghent, Belgium

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