Mould resistance of bamboo timber treated with tebuconazole-loaded micells

IRG/WP 12-30586

Sun Fangli, Chen Anliang, Bao Binfu, Zhou Yueying, Zhang Shaoyong, Zhang Xu

In this paper both anti-mould test through inhibition zone and mould resistance test on bamboo samples were carried out evaluate mould resistant effect of tebuconazole (TBA) loaded micells. Results showed that TBA loaded micells prepared with a ratio of TBA to PEG113-b-PCL28 50:25 had the best mould resistance, followed by micells prepared with a ratio of TBA to PEG113-b-PCL28 50:50. PEG113-b-PCL28, as wall material, had no contributions to the mould resistance of TBA loaded micells. Naked tebuconazole had poorer resistance against the selected mould fungi than encapsulated TBA micells, indicating that the resistance of tebuconazole against mould fungi could be significantly improved by nano encapsulation.

Keywords: inhibition zone, mould resistance, bamboo, tebuconazole-loaded micells

Conference: 12-05-06/10 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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