Treatability and retainability of two important bamboo species - borak and jawa of Bangladesh

IRG/WP 02-40248

M N Islam, A K Lahiry, M O Hannan

Preservative treatment has been carried out with five different concentrations, i.e. 3%, 4%, 5%, 6% and 7% and durations, i.e. 2 days, 4 days, 6 days, 8 days and 10 days, at different moisture content, i.e. green and air-dry, and different direction of penetration, i.e. radial and both radial and cross-section for jawa and borak. It has been observed that retention of CCB is always higher in jawa bamboo than borak, which is a clear indication to consider jawa bamboo a more permeable and diffusible bamboo species for dipping process. Adequate retention of preservative for indoor use has been obtained in most of the cases. It has been observed that 6% concentration of preservative with 8 to 10 days duration of dipping provides the best results.

Keywords: Bambusa balcooa, Bambusa salarkhanii, bamboo, preservation, CCB

Conference: 02-05-12/17 Cardiff, Wales, UK

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