Field Stake Performance of Parallel Strand Lumber Treated with Waterborne Copper Naphthenate

IRG/WP 08-40435

G P Merrick, M H Freeman, J A Brient

Wood and wood products have been considered a premium building material for residential and industrial structures for many centuries. More recently, structural composite lumber (SCL) products have played an increasing role in satisfying the needs of the building industry. However, both wood and wood composites are naturally biodegradable materials which require enhanced durability when used in certain applications. This paper summarizes in-ground test performance of the structural composite lumber product parallel strand lumber (PSL) protected with the wood preservative waterborne copper naphthenate (CuN-W). ACQ-C was used as a reference preservative. Using AWPA standardized testing under high deterioration hazard conditions, PSL field stakes manufactured from southern yellow pine and Douglas fir and treated with both preservatives have performed well against decay and subterranean termites. PSL manufactured from the diffuse-porous hardwood specie yellow poplar, was not sufficiently protected by either of preservative formulation.

Keywords: CuN-W, ACQ-C, copper naphthenate, CuNap, Parallam PSL, field stakes, efficacy, SYP, DF, yellow poplar

Conference: 08-11-30/12-02 Flamingo Beach, Costa Rica

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