Study on “Washing” used in Traditional Wooden Building in Japan -Survey in KawaraMachi Area, Gifu Prefecture

IRG/WP 19-10948

K Tanaka, H Ishiyama

This study is about the actual method of Japanese lattice washing on the traditional buildings of KawaraMachi area, based on interview survey. KawaraMachi area is located on the river side of the Nagaragawa River, so since long years ago it flourished as a center of economic activities, by river transportation. Many wooden buildings influenced by these backgrounds exist in the city. These streets are designated as "Important Cultural Landscapes (Japan)". People in this area wash the Japanese lattice and timber parts of the house facing street with water. This custom keeps a distinctive townscape with yellow-brown wood surface that have dropped old colors. It is highly valued as a valuable historical cultural asset. Therefore, the actual method of “Japanese lattice washing” was investigated. As a result, follows were confirmed. 1. Japanese lattice washing is a custom since at least two or three generations ago from now. 2. Each house hold has handed down the each method of Japanese lattice washing custom.

Keywords: history, culture, custom, traditional structure, wooden building, cultural properties

Conference: 19-05-12/16 Quebec City, Canada

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