Protection of bamboo against fungi by Laccase-Catalyzed Iodination

IRG/WP 16-30694

K P Nayebare, Shaoyong Zhang, Fangli Sun, B Goodell

This paper investigated the effectiveness of bamboo treated by laccase-catalyzed oxidation of potassium iodide. Hence, the indoor and outdoor mold fungi resistances were carried out according to the AWPA (2007) Standard E24–06. According to the results, after 35days good resistances against the fungi were in the order of Trichoderma viride > Penicillium citrinum >Aspergillus niger. It was also observed that IPBC was more resistant to fungi than PPA after the same time. The results suggest that this is an effective and ecologically friendly method for surface bamboo protection against fungal attack.

Keywords: bamboo, laccase-catalyzed, Iodination, mold resistance

Conference: 16-05-15/19 Lisbon, Portugal

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