Leaching and fixation characteristics of chrome-copper-fluoride-zinc (CCFZ) treated wood

IRG/WP 96-30096

Gyu-Hyeok Kim, Jong-Bum Ra

The leaching characteristics of radiata pine sapwood blocks treated with CCFZ were evaluated by the AWPA standard leaching test. The rate of fixation of the preservative components in CCFZ treated radiata pine were also evaluated by quantitative analysis of solution expressed from the treated wood. Both leaching and fixation characteristics of CCFZ were compared with CCA-Type C treated wood samples. The permanence of CCFZ is excellent and comparable to that of CCA-Type C, and the rates of CCFZ fixation were similar to those found for CCA-Type C. These results suggest that CCFZ has a potential as alternative preservative for the replacement of CCA-Type C.


Conference: 96-05-19/24 Guadeloupe, France

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