Fungus cellar and field tests with tall oil derivatives. Final report after 11 years' testing

IRG/WP 93-30007

J Jermer, Ö Bergman, T Nilsson

Two derivatives of tall oil were tested as wood preservatives in a fungus cellar and in ground contact (field test). Stakes of Pinus sylvestris sapwood were used in the tests. For the field test the size of the stakes was 20 x 50 x 500 mm³ and for the fungus cellar test 20 x 20 x 250 mm³. The stakes were vacuum-pressure treated with the two products and exposed in 1981. The field test site used was in Uppsala, where the soil type is clay. In 1991 the last stakes in the field test were rejected and in 1992, the last stakes in the fungus cellar failed. The effect against biological degradation of the two products is compared with that of wood preservatives in current use.


Conference: 93-05-16/21 Orlando, Florida, USA

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