Development of a turbidity method for the determination of water repellent in CCA treatment solutions

IRG/WP 00-40177

P J Walcheski, L Jin

The use of aqueous water repellent emulsion formulations has increased significantly in the wood treatment industry. These are primarily used to enhance the weathering characteristics of wood products treated with water borne preservatives systems used in exterior above ground exposures. However, they are also used in pole treatments to improve the climbing characteristics and in low VOC millwork treatments. With the increase in water repellent treated wood production there was a requirement to develop analytical methods for the determination of the water repellent concentration in treatment solutions for quality control at wood treatment facilities. Various methods were examined for the determination of water repellent emulsions in wood treatment solutions. Of the methods considered the turbidity method was found the best suited for routine quality control at treated wood production facilities. The effects of emulsion concentration and particle size on the turbidity measurements were evaluated.


Conference: 00-05-14/19 Kona, Hawaii, USA

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