Performance of Fasteners in Treated Wood: A Comparative Study

IRG/WP 09-40465

Q Wu, T Shupe, J Curole, K Ragon, M Voitier, M Freeman, D Ring

Fastener performance is an important property for treated wood. Published data on screw and nail performance for different preservative systems currently on the market are, however, limited. In this study, screw and nail withdrawal strength for southern pine wood treated with ACQ (above ground and ground contact), MCQ (above ground and ground contact), borate (disodium octaborate tetrahydrate – DOT), and untreated southern pine control were tested at air dry and water-soaked conditions based on ASTM standard D1037. Individual sample density and surface hardness were also measured. The relationship among screw and nail withdrawal strength, density, hardness, and moisture content was established for various preservative systems.

Keywords: nail, screw, ACQ, MCQ, borate, solid wood, hardness

Conference: 09-05-24/28 Beijing, China

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