Survey of termites in forests of Punjab: Pakistan

IRG/WP 10-10726

F Manzoor, B M Ahmed Shiday, S Malik, A Rahim, B Habibpour, J R J French

Termites were surveyed in seven forests in the Punjab (Bhagat, Kamalia, Chichawatni, Changa Manga, Jallo Forest park, Daphar and Attock) during 2008. Twelve termite species were observed from soil, dead logs, live wood and living trees. Host trees were also identified. The percentage of infested plants in Kamalia, Bhagat, Chichawatni, Changa Manga, Jallo Forest park, Daphar and Attock forests were 22.50%, 20.00%, 19.60%, 15.45%, 10.00%, 20.00% and 12.10% respectively. Examination of dead wood in seven forests showed that an average of three quarters of wood sampled were attacked by termites. The number of termites per unit volume of dead wood were also determined in these forests and it was almost similar (0.4 per cm3). The size of colony was correlated with the volume of dead wood and it ranged from 26-2,784 termites, the soldier caste ranged from 2.1% to 20.00% of the total population of the termite colony. In all these forests, 20% of the dead wooden logs and branches showed signs of subterranean termite (‘termite’).

Keywords: subterranean termite species, forests, Punjab, colony size

Conference: 10-05-09/13 Biarritz, France

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