The Concept of Copper and Boron Synergy: Why Copper Naphthenate and Borates are a Couple Made in Heaven

IRG/WP 13-30622

M H Freeman

Fungicides are often combined for four basic reasons:(1) to widen the spectrum of the fungicidal activity in which to broaden the spectrum of activity, (2) to exploit additive and synergistic activities between actives, and the activities are increased and thereby reducing the needs for the higher loadings of the active in the substrate, (3) to delay the resistance of one of the actives in the formulation while the population of the pathogens/fungi while the mixture controls biological attack, and (4) to control a active resistant fungi or group of fungi indiginant to the area in which the fungicidally protected substrate is being utilized.This paper explores the copper plus co-biocide systems that have been used and shows that Copper Naphthenate plus Boron is an extremely effective combination, considering all the copper salts/soaps, and demonstrates some of the reasons this system is very superior for many industrial applications.

Keywords: copper, copper naphthenate, boron, borates, efficacy, synergy, combinations, performance, leaching, soil block

Conference: 13-06-16/20 Stockholm, Sweden

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