A new project - Circular use of wood in Norway for improved sustainability and innovation (CircWOOD)

IRG/WP 22-50369

L Ross, L Huang, E Trømborg, R Modaresi, H Sjøli, C A S Hill

In Norway, around 12 m3 timber are logged each year. If our society is to succeed in reducing its greenhouse gas emissions, it is expected that the need for resources will be significantly greater than that. Recycled wood will be a crucial input factor through new reuse and material recycling solutions. In order to close knowledge gaps related to the availability and quality of recycled wood, the CircWOOD project will investigate aspects of wood use in the Norwegian economy, with particular emphasis on the reuse of wood in construction projects, and recycled wood as raw material in today's wood industry. Research results, especially related to resource access and material flows, will be linked to the facilitation of circular flow of goods, handling, environmental impact, design and production of wood in, and towards, relevant markets in Norway and abroad. The project aims to analyze the sustainability and environmental footprint of the wood-value chain based on strategies and new technologies that contribute to circularity. CircWOOD will identify and investigate ways in which processes can be simplified, by using the latest methods for digital collection, analysis and sharing of data. In addition, the project will address the underlying political frameworks and study the economic impact they have. CircWOOD is an integral part of the Norwegian Green platform project sirkTRE that aims to lift the wood industry and the construction industry towards the holistic circular, green shift.

Keywords: circular economy, value chain, wood, recycling, reuse, cascading, Norway

Conference: 22-05-29/06-02 Bled, Slovenia

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