The effect of nanozycosil on the water absorption and dimensional stability of Beech wood

IRG/WP 12-40606

M Ghorbani, F Bavaneghi

Zycosil is a clear penetrating water repellent. This product works by penetrating into the substrate and modifying the surface tension to inhibit water intrusion. Beech wood (Fagus orientalis) was modified by treatment with nanozycosil. Then water absorption and dimensional stability in terms of volumetric swelling percent and anti-swelling efficiency were determined and found to be improved on treatment. Water absorption for treated specimens was about 16.6%, 52.1% and 72.7% less than control at 5, 15 and 20 percent concentration, respectively for 30 minutes soaking in water. Wood samples treated with highest concentration of nanozaycosil showed the least volumetric swelling. Also, increasing of concentration of nanozaycosil increased antiswelling efficiency from 34.6% (5% treated) to 89.6% (20% treated).

Keywords: nanozycosil, beech, dimensional stability, water absorption

Conference: 12-05-06/10 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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