Fungistatic activity of quinolizidine and bisquinolizidine alkaloids against A. niger

IRG/WP 16-30699

P W Kwaśniewska-Sip, G Cofta, B Mazela, L Ross Gobakken, A K Przybył

In order to determine the relation between the structural properties and fungistatic activity of quinolizidine and bisquinolizidine alkaloids, the bioactive derivatives of cytisine, sparteine and lupanine were tested for the inhibitory activity against the microfungus causing mould growth phenomenon (Aspergillus niger van Tieghem ATCC 6275). The compounds tested were screened for antifungal properties using the bioautography-TLC. According to the results, the following cytisines showed good activity against mould; spirocytisine, , 3,5-dibromocytisine, bromo-N-boccytisine, N-Boccytisine, 3-bromobenzylocytisine, 4-bromo-benzylcytisine, 3-iodo-benzylcytisine, 4-iodobenzylcytisine.

Keywords: screening, quinolizine alkaloids, sparteine, cytisine, bioautography-TLC

Conference: 16-05-15/19 Lisbon, Portugal

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