Blue Stain Testing of Alkyd and Acrylic Stains

IRG/WP 03-20273

M Petric, M Pavlic, B Kricej, M Humar, F Pohleven

Resistance against blue stain of semi-transparent alkyd and acrylic stains was tested by both EN 152 and the so-called reverse exposure test methods. Comparison of the results, obtained by both methods was the most important aim of this study. As expected, performance of the water-borne acrylic paint was lower compared to protective effectiveness of the alkyd stain. This difference was even more pronounced when artificially accelerated aged samples were exposed. It seems that the reverse exposure method may give more distinctive results. In general, our results confirm previous literature reports on adequacy of the reverse test method for evaluation of blue stain resistance of surface finishes.

Keywords: Blue stain, exterior wood coatings, reverse test method

Conference: 03-05-18/23 Brisbane, Australia

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