Environmentally Sustainable Method of Termite Management using a baiting system: A case study in the Philippines

IRG/WP 16-50317

P Dhang

Environment and sustainability are key words for achieving product and business success. Use of chemicals in human vicinity such as homes and buildings are on the increase, thanks to a growing consciousness on pests. Using chemical insecticide is the main stay to counter these pests, but its role in environment is being scrutinized.Insect baiting technology has proven its success around the world and is most considerate when environment is concerned. This paper is a case study to show how an extremely small amount of active ingredient can be used to accomplishing termite elimination in place of large volume chemical application to the soil to make the work environmentally acceptable and sustainable.

Keywords: sustainable method, environment, termite baiting

Conference: 16-05-15/19 Lisbon, Portugal

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