A Review of the Factors Affecting Permeability in Softwoods

IRG/WP 04-40278

I Usta

This paper reviews the literature discussing some of the qualities and properties of softwood that characterise its refractory nature and influence its treatability. This review covers mainly the period of 1954 to 1997. Literature prior to this period is included where it is thought that existing reviews have not adequately reported the subject matter or alternatively to provide background information for the topic. Earlier literature has been well covered by such reviews as Anderson et al. (1941), Tiemann (1944), Jane (1956), Hunt and Garratt (1967), Kollmann and Cote (1968), Comstock (1970), Siau (1971), Nicholas (1972), Skaar (1972), Arsenault (1973), Nicholas and Siau (1973), Stamm (1973), Wilcox (1973), Findlay (1975), Wilkinson (1979), Panshin and de Zeeuw (1980), Zobel and van Bujitenen (1980), Dinwoodie (1981), Siau (1984), Wilson and White (1986), Tsoumis (1991), Eaton and Hale (1993), and Langrish and Walker (1993). Aspects emphasised in this review are both direct and indirect factors which control permeability in softwoods, and how the softwood structure affects residual flow in respect to preservative treatment

Keywords: Review, permeability, softwoods

Conference: 04-06-06/10 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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