Effects of deck washes and brighteners on the leaching of CCA components

IRG/WP 99-50128

A Taylor, P A Cooper, Y T Ung

Small CCA treated Southern pine decks were exposed to natural weathering and the CCA leaching characteristics determined by analyzing the collected rain drippage over several rain events. The decks were then treated with a number of commercial deck washes/brighteners and the CCA components in the wash solution compared to that from water wash only. Washes containing phosphoric acid, citric acid and oxalic acid resulted in relatively high copper losses during the washing treatment and slightly increased losses of the other components. Strong oxidizing agents such as sodium hypochlorite, resulted in oxidation of chromium to the hexavalent state and subsequent loss of soluble CrVI.


Conference: 99-06-06/11 Rosenheim, Germany

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