Amine Oxides for Use in Wood Protection: I. A Formulation Adjuvant and Performance Enhancer for Wood

IRG/WP 07-30425

Xiao Jiang, L Walker

Amine oxides have great potential for use in the area of wood protection. This paper highlights the advantages of using amine oxides as a formulation adjuvant and performance enhancer for different azoles. It was found that azoles are readily soluble in aqueous amine oxide solutions and form soluble concentrates. These azole/amine oxide concentrates have excellent storage stability and can be diluted with water to obtain clear solutions for end use applications. The mold resistance of the azole treated wood was considerably improved with the addition of amine oxides. Two-year above ground tests revealed that the combination of amine oxides and azoles significantly improved efficacy against molds compared to amine oxides or azoles alone. The lap joint test showed no decay or only slight degradation at all retention levels after five years, while the untreated controls had severe decay with numerous failures.

Keywords: amine oxides, formulation adjuvant, performance enhancer, azoles, above ground test, and lap joints

Conference: 07-05-20/24 Jackson, USA

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