The emission of boron compounds from treated particleboard

IRG/WP 00-40179

K M Filcock, P Vinden

The emission of chemical vapours can be harmful both during treatment and service of wood and wood products. Samples of Standard particleboard (for interior use) were treated with trimethylborate, and a number of modified organo-boron compounds. Treated samples were placed immediately under a desiccator lid and air was drawn across each samples to 3 water traps. Water samples were taken after 30, 60, 120 and 180 minutes and tested for elemental boron content. Samples treated with trimethylborate emitted the greatest amount of boron into the water traps recording 434.8 mg/L after 30 minutes reducing to 144.4 mg/L after 180 minutes. Samples treated with modified organo-boron compound showed negligible boron emissions and samples treated with mixtures of trimethylborate and modified organo-boron compound emitted 35.1 mg/L boron after 30 minutes increasing to 362.5 mg/L after 180 minutes. The results show that samples containing trimethylborate have much higher emissions of boron over the 180 minute period.


Conference: 00-05-14/19 Kona, Hawaii, USA

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