The sorption behaviour of wood

IRG/WP 17-20605

C Hill

The use of dynamic vapour sorption to determine the sorption properties of wood has become an increasingly popular technique. The method has many advantages when compared with many other gravimetric methods. However, it is necessary to set an equilibrium condition in order to obtain data for an isotherm in a reasonable amount of time. An important recent finding has been that multiple sorption cycles are needed in order to capture the full range of sorption behaviour and the sample history can have an important influence on the results obtained. In addition, the location of the wood in a tree can also be an important consideration when examining sorption behaviour. This paper reviews the recent published data in this area, giving some insights into what affects sorption behaviour and suggests several promising routes for future research.

Keywords: sorption isotherm, dynamic vapour sorption, hysteresis, equilibrium moisture content

Conference: 17-06-04/08 Ghent, Belgium

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