Depictions on Wood: Acceptation and Internalization of Wood, which is an intercultural interaction tool, as “A Valuable Object” (Wood is Life)

IRG/WP 16-40719

I Usta

Wood is a valuable material for the production of a wide variety of products, and also is a precious material in relation to its ability to provide a more appropriate and acceptable service to users. As wood is uniquely suited for a variety of uses, it has been used extensively for many purposes since ancient times, and even today it is used for a wider variety of purposes than it used to be due to technological advances. In point of fact, although there are cultural differences that may influence behaviour vary widely between different societies (and even within the same society), wood has been used in a variety of purposes in exactly the same way or almost similarly throughout human history. On this basis, wood links between different cultures/societies with respect to its great beauty and its spectacular usability. Because wood is one of the most important tools for intercultural interactions associated with its ability to use to facilitate the cultural interchanges within and between societies, this article contains original depictions regarding to the acceptation and internalization of wood.

Keywords: wood, depictions, intercultural interaction, human needs, woodlover viewpoint

Conference: 16-05-15/19 Lisbon, Portugal

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