Introducing bamboos for their importance and conservation

IRG/WP 05-10546

A K Lahiry

Bamboo is a socio-economically, industrially and environmentally important forest and rural crop in Asia. It is an essential task for the people in this region to conserve the bamboos and preserve the bamboo products for their sustainable continuity. An earnest need for this task is to introduce a variety of important information on bamboos. In this research paper the botanical position, distribution, utilization, outlooks, production, research, importance, propagation, natural durability, preservative treatment, importance of preservative treatment, treating principles, research on preservative treatment of bamboos have been presented briefly.

Keywords: Botanical position, research, distribution, utilization, outlooks, production, importance, propagation, durability, preservative treatment, treating principles

Conference: 05-04-24/28 Bangalore, India

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