Ponding of radiata pine (Pinus radiata) - 2. The effect of ponding on coating penetration into wood

IRG/WP 98-10249

A P Singh, S S Gallagher, U Schmitt, B S Dawson, Yoon Soo Kim

Radiata pine (Pinus radiata) wood panels which had been ponded for periods ranging from 2 to 12 weeks, dried and subsequently coated with a primer and examined by light microscopy after staining sections with Sudan IV to enhance the contrast of the primer material. A correlation between the extent of ponding and the extent of coating penetration into wood was observed. The coating penetration varied from 2-3 cells deep in the control unponded wood, and 5-6 cells deep in 2 weeks ponded wood to more than 10 cells deep in the wood ponded for 4 weeks and longer. These observations are discussed in relation to the effect of bacteria on pit membranes.


Conference: 98-06-14/19 Maastricht, The Low Countries

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