New applications of silafluofen to termite control

IRG/WP 01-30274

K Nakayama, Y Minamite, S Koike, Y Katsuda, K Nishimoto

Silafluofen-based termiticides are widely used for soil and timber treatments in Japan, as silafluofen possesses advantageous properties of low fish toxicity and high chemical stability (to light, in soil, in alkaline environments, etc) in addition to high termiticidal activity and low mammalian toxicity. As new applications of silafluofen to termite control, we have developed another type of products in the forms of practical anti-termitic plastic sheets and anti-termitic plastic heat insulators which are free from the exposure risk of termite control operators and inhabitants to the sprayed chemical. Anti-termitic plastic sheets containing silafluofen in ethylene vinylacetate copolymer film have already been put into practical use, showing a high anti-termitic effect. Plastic heat insulators made of such materials as polystylene and polyurethane have the problem of the decrease in their insulating effect due to termite damage, although they have been widely used as building materials. To solve this problem, we prepared anti-termitic plastic heat insulators by impregnating silafluofen at concentrations of 0.1 ~ 0.3% into plastic foam. As a result of anti-termitic efficacy tests against Coptotermes formosanus Shiraki, these plastic heat insulators were found to be effective in suppressing the termite damage.


Conference: 01-05-20/25 Nara, Japan

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