Component leaching from CCA, ACQ and a micronized copper quat (MCQ) system as affected by leaching protocol

IRG/WP 09-50261

P A Cooper, Y T Ung

Leaching results for Cu, Cr and As (CCA) and Cu (ACQ and MCQ) from southern pine are compared for laboratory tests (AWPA E11, and draft OECD methods I and II) and natural weathering of horizontally and vertically oriented lumber samples over two seasons. This paper expands on results and comparison of results presented at the IRG regional meeting in Costa Rica in Dec 2008 (Cooper and Ung 2008) and provides direct comparisons among leaching results for various laboratory and natural weathering conditions. It includes leaching of As and Cr components of CCA and estimates of cumulative DDACb leaching from ACQ and MCQ samples exposed to natural weathering.

Keywords: leaching, CCA-C, ACQ-D, MCQ, DDAC, southern pine, AWPA, OECD, natural weathering

Conference: 09-05-24/28 Beijing, China

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