Anti-Fungal Activity on Some Wood extracts as a Wood Protectant

IRG/WP 16-30684

Ö Özgenç, S Durmaz

In this study, six different wood barks were used, where obtained bark extracts were blended with potato-agar in order to investigate their antifungal properties. To determine the inhibition effectiveness of extractives, two different fungi; Coniophera puteana and Trametes versicolor were selected. Fungal activity was carefully observed for the duration of seven days. Following biological testing, extracts showed a significant inhibition against each fungus. Selected extract concentration is known to be more efficient on inhibition. As concentration increased, fungal growth slowed down and hindered. Bark extracts used in this study showed great efficiency against white-rot fungus, T. versicolor at low concentration. However, efficiency against fungal activity of extracts remained the same at high concentration. These bark extracts have a favorable chance to be used as a natural wood preservative according to results.

Keywords: anti-fungal test, extracts, wood bark, wood preservative

Conference: 16-05-15/19 Lisbon, Portugal

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