Kd values of Cu, Cr, As in different soil matrix

IRG/WP 07-50247

Sung-Mo Kang, Seung-Hun Shin, Ja-Oon Koo

Chromated copper arsenate (CCA), a long history of successful preservative, have raised environmental concerns. Adsorption characteristics of domestic soils for chromium, copper, and arsenic were assessed by measuring distribution coefficient (Kd) values of these metal components. The results revealed that Kd values were higher in chromium, followed by arsenic and copper in soil matrix. Different soil matrixes resulted in varying mobilities of CCA components. The values of Kd for all three metals increased with organic matter contents. The results suggest that the mobility of metal components may be very limited to the surface area adjacent to CCA-treated wood due to their fairly large distribution coefficient (Kd). However, the metal components would be persistent and accumulated in the soil, resulting in high chemical concentration in service area of treated wood.

Keywords: CCA, distribution coefficient, mobility

Conference: 07-10-29/11-02 Taipei, Taiwan

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