Molecular phylogeny of Ophiostoma spp. related to blue-stain in pine

IRG/WP 02-10432

M Villarreal, F Arenal, J Sánchez-Ballesteros, M T De Troya, F Llinares, V Rubio, A Navarrete

Blue-stain in coniferous woods is an economically important disease in many temperate countries, caused specially by genus Ophiostoma. Classical taxonomy of genus Ophiostoma is limited for the correct identification of many species, because of the similar macroscopic and microscopic characters, as well as the existence of some species complex. Molecular identification is a good complement to elucidate the taxonomical position of some species and isolates. A molecular phylogenetic analysis of thirty blue-stain isolates of Ophiostoma has been carried out, based on the analysis of the DNA sequences of the internal transcribed spacer region (ITS), including 5.8S of the rDNA region. Molecular data will be discussed in relationship with asexual states and morphological characters.

Keywords: Blue-stain, Ophiostoma spp, phylogeny

Conference: 02-05-12/17 Cardiff, Wales, UK

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