Fungal colonisations in and on industrially manufactured acetylated glulam in UC 3

IRG/WP 20-40900

J Müller, E Melcher, T Potsch

This poster paper describes one of the first cases where industrially acetylated glulam was colonized by wood-destroying fungi after less than 10 years of exposure in use class 3.2. Remarkable is that fruiting bodies of white as well as brown rot fungi were found on one and the same bench element. The first visible wood destroying fungi was the white rot fungus Schizophyllum commune followed by the brown rot fungi Gloeophyllum trabeum or Dacrymyces sp. Besides this, ascomycetes were found inside and algae on the surface of the modified glulam. It might be that this diversity of organisms enhanced the early attack. Even if the source of infection and its extent could not be sufficiently clarified, it can be assumed that the moisture and spore entry occurred mainly via the open adhesive joints or longitudinal cracks.

Keywords: acetylated wood, basidiomycetes, fungal growth, glulam, Use Class 3

Conference: 20-06-10/11 IRG51 Webinar

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