Genome-wide survey of cellulase related genes of white rot fungus,Pleurotus ostreatus

IRG/WP 07-10627

T Tamenori, S Horisawa

A white rot fungus, Pleurotus ostreatus, which is a important edible mushroom, has received much attention to apply to bioremediation and bioconversion because it has both cellulase and ligninase. To confirm copy number of cellulase-related genes encoded in P. ostreatus genome, we attempted to genomic Southern hybridization of P. ostreatus. The draft genome sequence and a large quantity of EST and cDNA information are now available for a white rot fungus, Phanerochaete crysosporium. To obtain sequence information of the cellulase-related genes in the white rot fungi, we also carried out public data base search. These genome-wide studies of P. ostreatus that consist of experimental and bioinformatical approach will provide meaningful advances to exploration of molecular mechanisms underlying wood decay.

Keywords: cellulase, genome, Pleurotus ostreatus

Conference: 07-10-29/11-02 Taipei, Taiwan

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