Hydrophilization of wood using a FE-DBD air plasma

IRG/WP 20-40907

J Žigon, M Petrič, S Dahle

One of the goals of surface protection of wood with coatings is to prevent the evolution of moisture in wood, which accelerates its degradation by abiotic and biotic factors. Good wettability of wood is a necessary pre-condition for sufficient protection with water-based coatings. Treatment of wood surface with atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge in configuration with a floating electrode was shown to be useful technique for enhanced hydrophilicity of wood. The results of treatment process showed that visual and optical properties of the plasma discharge depend on the structural properties of the wood. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy indicated an increased presence of oxygen containing groups on wood surfaces after treatment with plasma. Promoted surface oxidation further increased the hydrophilicity of wood surfaces, which was detected by water contact angle measurements, gained according to Wilhelmy plate method. It is therefore assumed that the wettability with water-based coatings is also enhanced.

Keywords: hydrophilicity, plasma, wettability, wood

Conference: 20-06-10/11 IRG51 Webinar

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