International standards - can we make them simple? Stage 2: Reflection arising from the discussion at IRG 27

IRG/WP 96-20103

G Ozanne

For the purpose of the ISO FAST TRACK project on preventive wood protection and durability, one shall refer to the 3 following stages: Hazards: (for wood in service), a review of biological agencies defining the scope; Exposure: a review of local, geographical parameters influencing the virulence of biological agencies towards wood in service (i.e climate indexes); Risks: as a combination of hazards and exposure. Risks vary considerably with exposure for an occurring biological agency (hazard) and can only be managed locally on the basis of local assessment. Local levels of prescription, associated to service life, need be listed to harmonize prescriber procedures. They may be recorded as informative annexes on the basis of local declarations. How can we make them simple ? A proposal: 1 standard 4 chapters informative annexes: Part 1: Wood biological hazards Inventory Part 2: Wood protection parameters Inventory Part 3: Wood preservative specifications Part 4: Treated wood specifications Insertion of TC 38 standards: Part 1, annex 1 = EN 335 Part 2, annex 1 = EN 350 + EN 460 Part 3 = EN 599 Part 4 = EN 351


Conference: 96-05-19/24 Guadeloupe, France

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