Incorporation of raw boron minerals to protect particleboard against decay and mold fungi, termites and insects

IRG/WP 16-40729

S N Kartal, E Terzi, P Gerardin, C M Ibanez, T Yoshimura

This paper evaluated the biological performance of particleboards incorporated with the raw boron minerals ulexite and colemanite against decay, mold fungi, termites and insect larvae in comparison with that of particleboards with zinc borate, or boric acid plus a borax mixture. The results showed that ulexite and colemanite were highly effective against the decay fungi and termite attack in laboratory conditions. However, the boron minerals tested were not as effective as zinc borate or the boric acid/borax mixture in preventing mold growth. In general, the boric acid/borax mixture combination was more effective against Anobium larvae than the other compounds. Less boron release was seen in the specimens containing zinc borate and colemanite than in those containing ulexite or the boric acid/borax mixture. Further mechanical and physical tests (water absorption, swelling etc.) will be needed to evaluate the particleboard properties and the compatibility of the boron minerals with glue and manufacturing conditions.

Keywords: particleboard, boric acid, borax, zinc borate, ulexite, colemanite, biological performance

Conference: 16-05-15/19 Lisbon, Portugal

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