Simulation of surface climate and mould growth on wooden façades

IRG/WP 16-20585

T K Thiis, I Burud, D Kraniotis, L Ross Gobakken

The weathering of wooden surfaces is normally caused by mould growth, lignin deterioration and leaching of extractives. For well insulated buildings, the effect of the interior climate on the outer surface is small and sometimes negligible. This paper describes simple models for surface temperature and moisture conditions on a wooden façade that can further be used to model weather degradation and mould growth on the surface. The models are driven by exterior climate data combined with ray-tracing to account for the micro scale variations of the solar irradiance on the wall. The models are applied on two different real wooden façades. For one of the buildings the results were also verified with in-situ measurements of temperature and moisture in the façade.

Keywords: weathering, untreated wood, microclimate

Conference: 16-05-15/19 Lisbon, Portugal

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