Study on Fire Resistance of Lightweight Panels Made of Honeycomb and Polyurethane Cores

IRG/WP 13-40645

A Talaei, M Ghofrani, S Pishan

In response to the increasing demand of lightweight and durable materials in furniture manufacture, potential of different skin types and cores were investigated to make proper lightweight panel. Fire resistance of panels made of different skins and cores were studied to elucidate the board’s behavior exposed to fire. Skins were MDF (3, 6 and 8 mm), particle board, plywood (3 and 5 layers) and cores were polyurethane foam and Kraft paper honeycombs (3 and 4 cm thickness). Fire tests examined according to ISO11925-3. Time of ignition, sustained Ignition time, sustained glowing time, mass loss and charred surface area were measured. The results indicated that by decrease in the thickness of skins, sustained ignition and glowing time and the charred surface area increased and so fire resistance decreased. The samples made of polyurethane core were burning with long yellow flames and short sustained glowing time; while samples made of Kraft paper honeycomb core were burning with short blue flame by long sustained glowing time. The best results were obtained in lightweight panels made of 4 cm Kraft paper honeycomb core and 8 mm medium density fiber board skin.

Keywords: lightweight panel, honeycomb, polyurethane foam, fire resistance

Conference: 13-06-16/20 Stockholm, Sweden

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