Interactions between fungal glutathione transferases and wood extractives

IRG/WP 17-10894

T Perrot, F Saiag, N Amusant, S Dumarçay, P Gérardin, M Morel-Rouhier, R SormaniI, E Gelhaye

The interactions between extractives from several tree species of French Guyana and glutathione transferases (GST) from the white-rot Trametes versicolor have been studied. These interactions have been monitored using a thermal shift assay. It appears from these experiments that TvGSTO2S interacts strongly with acetonic extract of Bagassa guianensis and in particular with oxyresveratrol. In agreement with previous results, the obtained data suggest that the GST network could give insights on the adaptation of wood decaying fungi to their chemical environment.

Keywords: glutathione transferase, wood extractives, Bagassa guianensis

Conference: 17-06-04/08 Ghent, Belgium

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