Possibility of using lichen (Usnea filipendula) and mistletoe (Viscum album L.) extracts as potential natural wood preservative

IRG/WP 17-30712

Ü C Yildiz, C Kiliç, A Gürgen, S Yildiz

Increasing environmental pressures on toxic chemical wood preservatives lead to the development of natural and environmentally friendly wood preservatives. In this study, using possibilities of lichen (Usnea filipendula) and leaves of mistletoe (Viscum album L.) as potential natural wood preservative were researched. Treatment solutions have been prepared with two different solvents, water and methanol, at 3%, 5 %, 10 % and 15 % concentrations. The treatment procedure has been applied according to the ASTM D 1413 (1988) standard test method. The fungal decay test has been done according to the EN 113 (1996) standard test method using a brown rot fungus, Coniophora puteana for both treated test and untreated control samples. The best results were obtained at the highest concentration level (15%) of the solutions. However, the weight losses in treated test specimen have not met the standard requirements. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that both natural extracts provide promising protection performance.

Keywords: lichen, mistletoe, treatment, retention, decay test

Conference: 17-06-04/08 Ghent, Belgium

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