Modelling of copper emission fron treated wood leached according to NEN 7345 and ENV 1250.2

IRG/WP 96-20097

G M F Van Eetvelde, S G L Michon, M Stevens

A series of water leaching experiments is carried out investigating pine and spruce treated and fixed using different copper-containing preservative solutions and process technologies. Water changes took place as prescribed in the Dutch standard NEN 7345 and the European test method ENV 1250.2, each of the leachates being chemically analysed for their copper content. Irrespective of the preservative treatment, though related to the method of testing, all leaching data are modelled using two existing time dependent emission formulas. Long term predictable environmental copper concentrations are calculated and discussed with respect to the leaching method used and the acceptability of the Cu emission level gained.

Keywords: COPPER; LEACHING; NEN 7345; ENV 1250-2; EMISSION

Conference: 96-05-19/24 Guadeloupe, France

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