One year performance of graveyard stakes in the Northern Territory of Australia

IRG/WP 06-30398

B Ahmed, J Hann, S Przewloka, P Vinden, P Blackwell, P Plews

This paper presents the one year progress performance of in ground graveyard stakes exposed to numerous termite species and decay fungi in tropical field conditions. The field study examines the efficacy of a new timber preservative formulation developed at the University of Melbourne, Australia. The biocides used in the formulation are fipronil (a phenyl pyrazole) and trimethyl borate. The predominant biological agent at the field site was the Australian subterranean termite Coptotermes acinaciformis. Treated stake samples of the Australian softwood Pinus radiata D. Don were exposed.

Keywords: wood preservatives, Coptotermes acinaciformis, graveyard field trial, fipronil, trimethyl borate, Pinus radiata

Conference: 06-06-18/22 Tromsoe, Norway

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