Conservation of Nypa fruticans and Indigenous Timber Species of Sundarban Mangrove Forest of Bangladesh by Using Preservative Treatment.

IRG/WP 05-40297

G N M Ilias

This report describes the possibilities and benefits of preservative treatment of some Bangladeshi wood species. It is concluded that: Heartwood of Sundri is not easily treatable. The treating schedule of 14.1 kg/cm² pressure and eight hours treatment period may be used for treating sundry logs. During the treatment of Sundri wood must not mix with other species. Other timber species such as Gewa, Keora, Baen, Goran etc are easily treatable by full cell pressure method using schedule of four to six hours treatment period and 14.1 kg/cm² pressure. All the timber species must be sufficiently dry up before preservative treatment. Moisture content should be less than 20% in 1.5 inch (37-38 mm) depth from wood surface. Treatment schedule may vary depending up on size of wood and purpose of use. Pressure treatment of Golpata is very easy, it may treat by dipping technique using schedule of over eight hours with more than 5% CCB preservatives.

Keywords: Preservation, Sundri, Gewa, Keora, Baen, Goran, Golpata, Bangladesh

Conference: 05-04-24/28 Bangalore, India

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