Exploration of waterlogged piles and wooden constructions of Riga Dome Cathedral

IRG/WP 17-10901

B Andersons, I Andersone, I Irbe, V Fridrihsone, R Lūsis

The Riga Dome Cathedral’s waterlogged wood piles and the roofs and tower's wooden structures were investigated, the extent of biological damage was evaluated, and the wood rot fungi and insects were identified. The pile wood’s component composition and elemental composition were analysed; the wood structure damage by erosion bacteria was microscopically determined. In the roofs and tower structures, both old and active brown rot damages are found, caused by basidiomycete Antrodia (Antrodia spp.). In the tower structures, the activity of wood borers (Anobiidae) was detected; fumigation of the Cathedral’s tower with sulfuryldifluoride was performed for their elimination.

Keywords: waterlogged piles, historical wood, biodegradation, component analysis

Conference: 17-06-04/08 Ghent, Belgium

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