Superior kempas hardwood protection with two proprietary microemulsion termiticdes based on permethrin and cyermethrin against Coptotermes termite attack under H2 an H3 weathered conditions found in buildings

IRG/WP 18-10931

D Messaudi, A H H Wong, C A D Tawi, N Bourguiba, O Fahy

SARPECO® and AXIL® solutions are water-based wood preservatives approved for dipping treatment providing 25 years of termite protection for solid wood and wood-based products in Europe and for more than 10 years in Indonesia. SARPECO® and AXIL® solutions are patented formulations based on concentrated microemulsions (ME) diluted with water as a dipping treatment but also for vacuum pressure treatment. Field trials conducted in Malaysia by UNIMAS confirmed the efficacy of SARPECO® and AXIL® solutions at three product concentrations on short dip-treated kempas (Koompassia malaccensis) heartwood, a major hardwood species in the Malaysian wood construction market, against the Southeastern Asian subterranean termite Coptotermes curvignathus exposed to aboveground H2 (indoor, non-wetting conditions) hazard class targeting termites compared to CCA-treated kempas and radiata pine (Pinus radiata) sapwood. Prior to the H2 hazard class termite field test exposure, treated wood blocks were conditioned to either a non-leaching volatilization (H2 hazard class weathered wood blocks) or to a leaching followed by volatilization (H3 hazard class weathered blocks) as well as non-leaching/non-volatilization and leaching/non-volatilization reference treatments. After 6 months field exposure, untreated kempas was severely (termite ratings: 0, mean mass loss: 97.4%) or moderately attacked (mean ratings: 7.7, mean mass loss: 17.5%), while none of the leached-volatilized (H3 hazard class) or non-leached-volatilized (H2 hazard class) test blocks treated with SARPECO® and AXIL® at both target retentions were regarded as attacked (mean ratings: 9.7-10, negligible mean mass loss) regardless of applied termiticide concentration, leached or non-leached wood, volatilized or non-volatilized wood treatments. Excellent performance also prevailed with the remaining treatment combinations of treated wood. Due to their unique compositions, SARPECO® and AXIL® solutions showed excellent performance against Coptotermes curvignathus with low termiticide concentrations where conventional agro-insecticides do not work. In conclusion, SARPECO® and AXIL® are effective for wood protection in buildings against Southeast Asian Coptotermes subterranean termites.

Keywords: subterranean termites, Coptotermes curvignathus, kempas, dip-treatment, H2 and H3 hazard classes, microemulsion, AXIL®, SARPECO®, cypermethrin, permethrin

Conference: 18-04-29/05-03 Johannesburg, South Africa

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